Social media and social networks: Not all that glitters gold!


ZZ66EEBBEC275We are continually repeating again and again the benefits of social media and the power of social networks. We know that many users who become fans and followers of the marks. Also that social networks can serve to strengthen relationships with consumers online or reach potential customers, and we know the potential risks of online reputation crisis ranges from virally in this type of media. But … Are you sure that social networks are meeting our expectations?

If you look at the significant audience numbers and volume of users involved or part of any social network, our perception may suggest that without doubt, be where most active consumers can we conceive shown great advantages and benefits.

However, some recent studies and have put us on notice that social networks may not be as efficient as we thought and of course taking into account what many experts have not hesitated to highlight the claim that there are no panacea for brands and companies.

A recent investigation of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute on the top 200 brands on Facebook, revealed that the data analyzed, only 1% of the fans involved, really interacts or engages with brands on Facebook. This is certainly an important fact that for many may mean that not all worth all the effort and resources required to strengthen its presence in social networks.


Social media and social networks: Not all that glitters gold!


This means far we can not get the maximum benefit from social networks, and especially that the results depend primarily on the commitment we are able to generate through different actions and strategies as well as the added value we can offer our fans and supporters. But does all this may not sound daunting?

Social networks such as Facebook were designed initially to establish personal networks. Gradually, companies saw in them a great opportunity for business and launched his conquest, and for a time everything seemed normal and harmony between businesses and consumers.

Over time, the novelty effect fades, and the large consumers re-adopt its more traditional role in social networks. They do not want publicity, do not want interruptions, use social networks to keep in touch and communicate with their closest circles and acquaintances. Brands now strive to implement strategies based on attraction marketing 2.0, the perfect hook to be the consumers who own them reach self-interest. However, if eventually involve the fans is reduced in this way, as research shows the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, definitely something important is changing or perhaps returning to its normal state after a time ‘stunned’ by the effects of the boom of social networking.

This also presents us with another approach that seems forgotten, is that despite what many vendors have been selling us smoke, the other channels (email marketing, online advertising, outdoor, etc …) are still valid and what is best, still working! Social media and social networks are not all that glitters gold.

Social media and social networks: Not all that glitters gold!

Your Domain Name helps to give credibility to your business


Your Own Domain Name. Having your own domain name.

It helps to lend credibility to your business. Indicates that your business is not temporary. It shows his intention to stay.

You need to have a name and brand online.Take time to find the right name. Be clear about goals you want to achieve.


Define exactly what is the purpose of your business What is the purpose of naming something.

Domain Name:

It is the address of your company on the Internet. It must be easy to remember and write.

What if I had to find something? The name is one that transmits Successful idea, as precisely as possible, that this is your business. People come to your website before entering their domain. Allow you to find you.

The domain is the name of the traditional shop. The shop is located on the Web and has to compete with millions of other names. What is the right name?

Your Domain Name helps to give credibility to your business2

There has to be creative, to spend time on this issue.

Concepts to consider

When you open a business, in a sense, you are causing a new birth. On paper, is another. There are 2 elements to consider: credibility and positioning. Choose a domain name people can remember quickly and efficiently so that when you advertise among thousands of competitors, your URL out and remembered.

A short and simple name is ideal. Positioning, it is recommended that the name reflects the nature of your site, result or benefit offered.

Your domain will be your business card on the Internet. If you have a catchy domain name, easy to write, has a good chance that your visitors will retain in memory and will visit again and again.


And take time to choose a name for his son, also needs to spend time choosing your business name or anything you want to promote. “The Gift Boutique” is indicating a name and indicate on the product or service you sell. It is often not possible because registered but you can add at the beginning or the end two or three letters and / or numbers and maybe you can enroll

Consider choosing a short (about 10 to 15 letters) which are related to what you sell. but this tied directly to your business at the same time.

Communicate a single aspect of your business name, as the domain name of your website, product or service must reflect the result or the benefit it provides. Choose a name that conveys a competitive aspect. Something unique that you do effectively and efficiently.

Make time and save work Win Today when everyone wants to speed things say not wanting to lose time, people are grateful when someone saves you the hassle of going to the search engines. Make it easy to remember your name and what you offer. That way when you need something related to what you sell will not go to the search engines to see who does, go directly to your website.

You have to create their own brand This is to have your own domain name and go positioning in the minds of buyers. Do not use the name of another.

1Name “magnet” attracting business name Search mentioning a specific advantage, only directly. Do not take lightly the choice of your domain name. It is an important issue that you can become a specialist and advising companies find the right name.

Check out this post from Network Solutions.

Your Domain Name helps to give credibility to your business

Twitter SEO, SEO in real time


Twitter SEO, SEO in real time


Growing mobile Web, the power of branding microblogging service … and who does not do branding today?

What secret hides Twitter has become the most used social network for sharing content, studying the competition, learn the news, developments and trends in your market and interact with their networks. Twitter SEO is definitely the big goal for the brand, Branding in each tweet.

Twitter is the only platform that is powered by the action of real-time sharing and uninterrupted unlimited amounts of information of all kinds.

If we link the strengths of the social network to the moment where the consumer experience is the one who determines the marketing, where the influence is crucial to strengthen brand and where the marks are eminently personal, it’s no wonder the SEO, has Twitter one of his most faithful allies.

SEO for Twitter, building influence

Count = Brand

Twitter SEO begins in the name of the account, direct, concrete and mnemic.

URL, a matter of trust

It is true that there is compelling logic to think that the shortening of the URL of the content used to promote social action (closely linked to the limited space at our disposal) however, this is really a myth in the cycle in confidence is the increasing influence.

The full URL gives users greater confidence in relation to shared content.

Twitter SEO, SEO in real time

Profile, convincing through creativity

It is clear that much information in short, the message more effectively.

Twitter allows 140 characters to define your brand, use them, the use of keywords embedded in the text, exponentially increasing your rankings.

Let’s not forget that Twitter is extracted information specifically aimed at the description area – Twitter Bio, essential and a great ally of the search engines.

Image and video focus on the optimization

The integration of image and video covers the same criteria in relation to an efficient SEO and establish a name linked to the brand and apply the rule of hyphenation of words without symbols or accents, remains the best way the contained in these formats.

Tweets, keywords transformed into impact

Recognize that sometimes we forget what is the best description for our Tweets, the key is to take advantage of the search criteria continuously and totally dynamic is shaping our target audience.

Clearly, the description based on the proper use of words in context and with the greatest impact for our brand, is closely related to the quality of content, which is applied the same requirement of “expert” in their creation.

The lists, high-level segmentation, essential for social SEO.

Twitter lists are one of the great challenges to achieve and one of the most efficient gains for brands.

Use our keywords in the name of each of the lists, can not only quickly identify the different needs of our users, but also facilitates the work exponentially seekers.

Ensure that the content we derive the lists has tied itself influence its quality, will help us in positioning our brand.

SEO videos, coherence necessary

The integration of video on Twitter involves the same precepts that apply SEO on You Tube, short, direct impact and emotion.

Our Twitter, letter Brand

Essential to the application of the rules governing the SEO today in our social interaction, Twitter profile has become part of our personal branding, you need to inform more people the better.

Conclusions, Twitter SEO in real time

Finally, SEO increases your efficiency the more coherent and balanced are the actions on the blog, the search engine and social networking.

“And … in the specific case of Twitter, is also a great platform to analyze the efficiency of our SEO, since the results of our actions, we obtain in the context of real-time traffic, positioning and social influence, are measured in every mention and re-tweet of our content.

Twitter SEO, SEO in real time

Social Networks: “If my goal is not to buy, your primary purpose can not be sold”

People have many reasons to enter social networking: get in touch with our friends, acquaintances and relatives, find or share information, meet people, etc.. But in no case enter into the social networks in order to buy.

This is something that has to be clear about any company before opening a profile on any platform, if the objectives of the users is not to compare, the main goal of our company in social networks can not be to sell.

Many companies know the potential of social networks, have been able to use it and have adapted. Share information of interest, serving the customer queries and followers, they create expectations and you get interest on their products.

But on the contrary, there is still a significant amount of organizations for the 2.0 world is simply to open a profile on any social network and engage in spam output.


Social Networks: “If my goal is not to buy, your primary purpose can not be sold”


Why is this?

The main reason is the lack of digital media. Let’s not forget that, for instance, in Spain 42% of SMEs do not have a website and taking into account that 95% of businesses have fewer than 10 employees, we are talking about a very high percentage.

There is a high degree of digital literacy

The current economic situation, means that many companies try to sell their products in all the means within their reach, also the social networks, forgetting the reason for these tools.

In this situation it is very important to continue the outreach and training many professionals who are doing this work and engage in business organizations.

If you are thinking that your company into social networks, as a starting point: research, learn, line up, listen, look at your competition and do not hurry.

Once you are clear about your operation, you can begin to define a strategy consistent with reasonable goals, allocating the necessary human and financial resources for development.

Always seek expert advice

If there is a public service department is very convenient to train people who are part of the department to also be able to answer questions that come through these channels.

It is also advisable to involve the entire organization, better than anyone they know the products and services and all have much to contribute in these channels. Here is again very important training and counseling.

Never hurry

Here is an interesting post I found:

Is it possible to find love online?

After listening, measuring, analyzing and correcting will be building a community around your brand and slowly and interacting and offering valuable content, anger reaching the objectives.

Social Networks: “If my goal is not to buy, your primary purpose can not be sold”

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